Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday I had a session with an adorable almost 3 year old he was a blast to photograph and was not afraid to be himself. Noah did a fabulous job and we got some great shots, even though the poor guy was hot and tired ( it was 98 degrees out and no breeze to speak of).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Photographer’s Workout

I found this today while on one of my favorite web sites.

The Photographer’s Workout

JUNE 1, 2011


Post image for The Photographer’s Workout

I had a Photo shoot workout with a friend and fellow photographer, and after I could barely move the next day, I realized I may have stumbled upon something. Yes, I’m gonna patent it, back off. :-) Eat your heart out zumba, I’m finally gonna be rich!!

Let me introduce you to the

The Photographer’s Workout!


This entails laying on either your back or side to get that perfect angle! Lift your upper body (and that 100 lb camera) 90 degrees off of the ground. Repeat 10 shots reps. All photographers will have rock hard abs in no time!

Crab Walk

This is especially effective while chasing babies and toddlers, or staying out of view during weddings. This must not be done too many times…..or your body may indeed stick like this.


photographers workout

Here we have our models demonstrating the different weights available; newborns or teddy bears. Remember, as with all workouts, please consult your doctor to ensure you are in proper physical health to lift weights. Do not try to lift the toddler boy your first time doing this workout. They are made of rocks

Toe touches

Without actually ever touching your toes. I’m not even sure I could reach my toes. Wait, I’m not sure I can even see my toes… do my shoes match?

These can be done in various forms: reaching out to your client, or held for 30 minutes over a sleeping baby in a basket. Both are quite effective in toning your core.

The Walk

Whether with attitude, chasing a runaway baby, or stalking a wedding party, this promises to leave you winded…..and possibly prostrate on the floor in an asthma attack. Wait…maybe that’s just me. Why aren’t I thin?

The Rock Climber

Or hood of a truck….or chair in a field….or 7ft ladder…….or the family bed….or quite literally ROCKS.

Find whatever it takes to get that perfect angle and climb aboard! Notify those around you that if you fall, they are to catch THE CAMERA. CATCH THE CAMERA! I do not recommend doing these after the Crab Walk or The Walk.


These are great for instructing your client how exactly you would like them to pose……or possibly making them do incredibly silly things all for a laugh later with your other photographer friends. Tone those abs, stretch that back, strengthen that core while you laugh hysterically regaling the tale of the shoot! What happens with photography friends, stays with photography friends. ;)

And of course, as with every workout, we must end with the

Cool Down

Never forget the cool down. Ever.

And now that I have successfully “patented” The Photographer’s Workout, I will be going on my book tour autographing my best selling weight loss book:

The Photographer’s Diet

The Photographer’s Diet is limited to:

  1. Bottled water warm from sitting in the car while you are out on your photo shootPhotographer’s Work Out.
  2. Granola bar 6 months past the expiration date because you had the forethought 2 years ago to drop it in your camera bag.
  3. Handful of nuts you snuck from the wedding reception table. Don’t tell about the fingerprint in the wedding cake icing.
  4. Fruit moldy and dry from being left in your camera bag 2 weeks ago. Call it “dried fruit” and all the naturalists will buy it!
  5. Candy….mainly chocolate, used after an especially stressful family shoot of 4 children, an inattentive dad, and a screaming mom. This should be taken in high doses.
  6. Sonic Happy Hour. {sigh} They have 398,929 different drink combinations. No, really! They do! Diet cranberry limeade. YUMMMM-O!

LAUGH ON! And, always be kind to others!

PS. A SPECIAL thank you to Arden Prucha and Mia Coelho for letting me use their behind the scenes photos of their photo shoots!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Riley's

Sherri is another great friend of mine and yesterday I finally got to do her family session. I was so excited because I knew Sherri would be down for anything :) She didnt complain at all when I had her climb down a sleep hill to a fabulous creek at the bottom for a few fun shots. Here are a few of the shots from our creek trip.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Backus Family

Melody Backus and I have been friends for 11 years now and I was very happy when she asked me to do their family pics. I absolutely love these guys and their adorable kiddos.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Spring sale!!!! - April 15th & 16th only. You must book your family session these days, only $75!!! Be sure to email or message me for details, cause you can only get this price if you book on those two days!

Bell Family

I had so much fun at the Bells session, they had the pleasure of being my first family at my new location. I love love love this place it is so beautiful out there it is also a little slippery on the rocks as the Bell kids and I can attest to :)


I am officially the worst blogger ever I have several sessions to post and I have been putting it off so here they are.

This is the Darwin family the are a such a great family.